Safeguard Your Pet’s Health with pet insurance

Petsecure pet insurance

Provide your pets with the care they deserve

Unexpected pet medical emergencies can be difficult, creating financial and emotional stress for your family. Enjoy peace of mind with Petsecure, pet health insurance that allows you to focus on returning your pets to their happy, healthy selves.

Petsecure plans include:

  • Accident and illness coverage, including emergency care, diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, medication, and surgery
  • Dental coverage, including annual cleanings and any problems with teeth or gums
  • Customer benefits, including boarding and kennel fees, lost pet advertising, and holiday cancellation
  • Special benefits, including alternative treatments, behavioural therapy, and medical devices
  • Wellness coverage, including annual exam vaccinations, wellness profiles, and more

Petsecure can provide vet bill savings of up to 80%, allowing you to make the best decisions for your pet’s medical care. Take the next step to protect your pet and get a free quote today by visiting or calling 1-800-268-1169. Use the group code GCCOWAN or mention Cowan Insurance Group to receive an exclusive monthly discount.

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