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Could Your Organization Benefit From Reduced Short- and Long-term Disability Costs?

We know your employees are your most valuable assets, yet many organizations today are challenged with the heavy financial impacts of increasing benefit costs due to chronic disease and an ageing workforce. Return to Health, a complete wellness and disability management solution from Cowan Insurance Group, understands that healthy, engaged, and productive employees are the cornerstone of business success.

We’re Here to Help

Managing employee health and disability can be complex and time-consuming. We’re here to act as an extension of your Human Resources team and reduce some of your administrative burdens while putting you back in control of the costs associated with poor health and absenteeism.

As a trusted business partner, we work closely with you to understand your culture and overall health and disability needs. We can help reduce costs associated with chronic disease and absenteeism and improve the overall health and wellbeing of your employees.

More Than Just Short-term Disability Management

Our mission is to support your employees no matter where they are on the health continuum – at work and healthy, at work and at risk of a health event, off work due to an illness or accident, or recovering and returning to work following a disability. Our Return to Health suite of products and services ensures your employees have the support they need, when they need it.

Holistic Case Management and Clear Communication

A dedicated member of our multidisciplinary team–occupational health nurses, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, disability management professionals, and case managers with education in mental health–partners with you to expertly manage the return to work process and minimize any barriers to active employment. We openly and consistently communicate expectations, processes, and end goals to you and your employees. Our proprietary absence management system, COLO, allows you to securely correspond with your Disability Case Manager, check the real-time status of a claim, and run reports.

Swift and Proactive Processes for Fast Results

Return to Health streamlines all aspects of the disability process. Our two-day turnaround for initial claim decisions is the standard included in every Service Agreement. By focusing on early intervention, our team proactively engages in holistic claim management to understand all factors impacting the employee’s ability to return to work. Our work in prevention management reduces the overall duration of absences and offers collaborative services to move the claims forward.

Practical and Realistic Return to Work Plans

The longer an employee is off work, the less likely they are to return. For most employees, work is healthy and a necessary part of recovery. Through collaboration with you, your employee, and their healthcare team, our Case Managers design and implement practical return to work plans allowing employees to quickly and safely return to the workplace.

Complex Case Resolution Made Simple

Chronic diseases like pain and mental illness are increasing, resulting in overall higher absenteeism and benefit costs. These complex conditions often result in longer claims durations and higher financial impacts on the workplace. Return to Health offers wellness and prevention products and services that can help employees improve their health before the absence occurs, allowing a quick, safe return.

Ease Your Administrative Burden

Simplified absence management processes can ease the burden of administration, freeing up valuable time and ensuring consistent compliance with timeframes and legislative obligations. The Return to Health human resources support program accurately tracks employee absences, including any legislated leave of absence such as maternity or parental leave. We put employers back in charge of their organization’s disability and leave of absence programs.

As part of our commitment to keeping your data secure, Cowan is a certified SOC 2 Type I ( compliant provider.

As part of our commitment to keeping your data secure, Cowan is a certified SOC 2 Type I ( compliant provider.

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