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Finding the right insurance for your condominium corporation doesn't have to be confusing

Finding the right insurance plan for your condominium corporation can be difficult, but maneuvering through all the needs and asks of the corporation, property managers, developers and unit owners doesn’t have to be confusing. Cowan has earned a solid reputation in the condominium community, providing insurance services and professional advice for over 30 years for both residential and commercial condominiums in Ontario. With dedicated in-house expertise, Cowan is here to analyse your needs and create options for you.

Our condominium program includes:

  • Protection for condominium corporation’s buildings, equipment and contents, including common elements
  • Commercial general liability for the corporation
  • General liability for volunteers
  • Directors and officers liability coverage, including human rights defense
  • Extensions for fidelity, cyber, lock and key replacements
  • Budgeting quotes for upcoming registers
  • Issuance of certificates for AGM’s
  • Timely management of the renewal process to accommodate board meetings
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Cowan is also an active member of The Canadian Condominium Institute – Grand River and Golden Horseshoe Chapters, and regularly provides educational seminars for property managers and boards of directors.

Why partner with Cowan Insurance Group?

Expert Advice

Someone who specializes in business insurance will call you directly. Our expert advice means you will speak to the right person the first time.

Custom Coverage

Custom coverage specifically built for you means that Cowan will take the time to learn about your needs and understand your specific business.

Our Promise

Cowan is Canadian owned and independent. Your satisfaction is the only outcome we accept. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we care about what you care about.

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