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Your accounts receivable are built on trust—a client promises to pay at a future date in exchange for a product delivered today.

One late payment or client insolvency can stress your cash flow and profitability.

Trade Credit Insurance (sometimes called Accounts Receivable Insurance, Domestic Credit Insurance, or Export Credit Insurance) transfers up to 90% of the risk for businesses seeking to protect their accounts receivable revenue from non-payment risk. Trade credit insurance can be a game changer for your business by protecting it against non-payment. It can also unlock additional bank financing, propelling business growth.

Did you know that Trade Credit Insurance protects your revenue and can help you offer credit to new clients? As important as protecting cash flow, Trade Credit Insurance can help you grow your sales. How do we help you do that?

Today's Policies Offer Flexibility and Choice

Trade Credit insurance no longer takes the "insure all or nothing" approach. With new insurers entering the marketplace, the competition has grown, leading to more flexible insurance policies to ensure they meet your business needs.

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Advance Payment Insurance (API)

When purchasing a capital good, protect yourself from a potential loss should a supplier not fulfill their obligation and refuse to refund the advance downpayment you've made on the order.

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Political Risk Insurance

Risk mitigation against potential losses due to political events (e.g. government actions, expropriation, political violence, sovereign debt default, or acts of terror) in a stand-alone policy or endorsements to an existing policy.

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Not sure if Trade Credit is right for you?

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Meet Our Team

Carolyn Nephew

Carolyn Nephew

Meet Cowan Expert Carolyn Nephew, National Vice President of Sales for Trade Credit and Political Risk at Cowan Insurance Group. In her role, Carolyn leads the Cowan Trade Credit Team and assists major manufacturing and export companies across Canada. She works closely with clients and the underwriting community to offer strategically structured Trade Credit and Political Risk solutions tailored to the evolving global market. Before joining Cowan, Carolyn held several executive and underwriting positions with Export Development Canada and Allianz Trade Canada, establishing expertise and a trusted reputation in various industry sectors. Carolyn graduated from the University of Ottawa and is a Credit Institute of Canada (CIC) – Hamilton Chapter member.

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

Meet Cowan expert Jason Roberts, R.I.B.O., Commercial Account Executive, Trade Credit and Political Risk with Cowan Insurance Group. With over twenty years of industry knowledge, Jason brings valuable expertise to clients by customizing solutions to improve sales while concentrating on growing their business.

Representing Cowan Insurance Group, Jason is a Director at the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada, overseeing the company’s membership and participation with the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association and is an engaged member of the Credit Institute of Canada (CIC) Conestoga Chapter.

While Jason’s primary focus is his daughter, he also has a strong passion for hockey and is dedicated to fostering youth development in his community.

Mari-Jo Boucher

Mari-Jo Boucher

Meet Cowan expert Mari-Jo Boucher, Commercial Account Executive for Trade Credit and Political Risk at Cowan Insurance Group. Working from Montreal, Mari-Jo joined the Trade Credit team in 2016 and has held progressively senior roles during her tenure. In June 2023, Mari-Jo was promoted to Account Executive and is responsible for our Quebec-based Trade Credit clients, who value her honesty, transparency, superior communication skills, competency and helpful manner as she works diligently to give our clients the best value.

Mari-Jo’s response time is a testament to her commitment to clients. Priding herself on her industry knowledge and professionalism, Mari-Jo provides advice that ensures our clients purchase the right insurance package and are well-protected and confident in their choices.

Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes

Working out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Bryan brings over 20 years of industry experience to the Trade Credit and Political Risk team at Cowan Insurance Group. Bryan joined Cowan Insurance Group in mid-2021, following a career at Export Development Canada in Western Canada. At EDC, Bryan developed new business by applying Trade Credit and Finance solutions to help companies expand their sales and open new geographic markets. His portfolio included trade credit clients in forestry, construction, agri-food, engineering services and technology companies.

Before joining Export Development Canada, Bryan held various roles in developing business and leveraging his engineering background. Fluent in English and Spanish, Bryan has signed business with buyers in several international markets, including Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Bryan is a Member of the Credit Institute of Canada – Vancouver Chapter.

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Why Cowan?

The value of independence

As a privately-held and Canadian-owned brokerage, we stand independently and are accountable only to our clients. We have no direct or indirect ties with any insurance company or equity firm. We focus solely on our clients' best interests.

Experience on your side

The Cowan Trade Credit Team brings over 60 years of combined experience. We deeply understand Trade Credit and the unique challenges businesses face in managing credit risks and business growth. We empower our clients to mitigate credit risks and achieve their long-term business goals confidently.

A national client base

We engage with our clients wherever they conduct business in Canada. Our client service is backed by industry knowledge, carrier partnerships, and national experience across key business sectors, which gives us a unique perspective on the risks, challenges, and opportunities businesses face today.