Disclosure of Insurer Relationships and Our Broker Compensation

As your independent insurance broker, we purchase insurance products and services on your behalf from Canada’s leading insurance companies.

Our role is to provide you with the best insurance value combining coverage, service and price.

We provide personalized, quality service that includes professional insurance advice, ongoing policy maintenance and claims support. When any issue arises regarding your insurance coverage, we’re your advocate, using our professional experience to best represent your interests. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased advice based on your circumstances.

How we are paid for the services we provide

Insurance companies provide us with compensation (“commission”) annually for both new and renewal business. This commission is paid annually as a percentage of your overall premium, or as a separate fee arrangement with you, the client. Should there be an increase in the commission we receive from your insurance company, or any other material change that impacts commission, we will notify you directly. The company amounts and range of commission varies across insurance companies and class of business.

Personal Insurance–Automobile Commissions

Name of Insurer Range of Standard Commissions CPC Website
Aviva Insurance Company 12.5% Yes avivacanada.com
CAA Insurance 12.5% Yes caainsurancecompany.com
Chubb Insurance 10.0% Yes chubb.com
Echelon General Insurance Company 12.5% Yes echeloninsurance.ca
Economical 10%–12.5% Yes economical.com
Elite 12.5%–20% Yes avivacanada.com
Gore Mutual 12.5% Yes goremutual.ca
Hagerty 12.5% Yes hagerty.ca
Halwell Mutual 12.5% Yes halwellmutual.com
Intact Insurance 10%–12.5% Yes intact.ca
Jevco Insurance Company 12.5% Yes jevco.ca
Northbridge Insurance 10%–12.5% Yes nbins.com
Novex Insurance 10%–12.5% Yes intact.ca
Travelers 12.5% Yes travelerscanada.ca
Wawanesa 12.5%   wawanesa.com


Personal Insurance–Residential and Other Commissions

Name of Insurer Range of Standard Commissions CPC Website
Aviva Insurance Company 20% Yes avivacanada.com
CAA Insurance 20% Yes caainsurancecompany.com
Chubb Insurance 15%–20% Yes chubb.com
Echelon General Insurance Company 15% Yes echeloninsurance.ca
Economical Insurance 17.5%–20% Yes economical.com
Gore Mutual Insurance 20% Yes goremutual.ca
Halwell Mutual Insurance Company 20% Yes halwellmutual.com
Intact Insurance 15%–20% Yes intact.ca
Northbridge Insurance 20% Yes nbins.com
Novex Insurance 15%–20% Yes intact.ca
Pacific Marine Underwriting 15% No pacificmarine.ca
Premier Marine 15% No premiergroup.ca
Travelers 12.5% Yes travelerscanada.ca
Wawanesa 20%   wawanesa.com


Commercial Insurance–Property and Casualty Commissions

Name of Insurer Range of Standard Commissions CPC Website
AIG Insurance Company of Canada 7.5%–20% No aig.com
Aviva Canada 7.5%–25% Yes avivacanada.com
Beazley Canada Limited 10.0%–15.0% No beazley.com
Brownstone Insurance Managers 8.0% No brownstoneinsurance.ca
Chubb Insurance Company 10.0%–20.0% Yes chubb.com
Chutter Underwriting Services 15.00% No chutteruw.com
CNA 12.5%–27.5% Yes cnacanada.ca
Economical Insurance 7.5%–25.0% Yes economical.com
Group One Underwriters 10.0%–15.0% No grouponeis.com
HSB BI&I 10.0%–20.0% Yes biico.com
Intact Insurance 10.0%–25.0% Yes intact.ca
Intact Public Entities 5.0%–15.0% No intactpublicentities.ca
Liberty Mutual 10.0%–20.0% No libertymutualcanada.com
Markel Canada 7.5%–15.0% No markelinternational.ca
Northbridge Insurance 7.5%–20.0% Yes nbins.com
Old Republic Insurance 7.5%–10.0% No oldrepublic.com
Pitcher & Doyle 12.0%–20.0% No pitcheranddoyle.com
RSA Group 7.5%–20.0% Yes rsagroup.ca
Sovereign Insurance Company 10.0%–27.5% Yes sovereigninsurance.ca
Travelers Canada 10.0%–25% Yes travelerscanada.ca
Totten Group Insurance 7.5%–15% No tottengroup.com
Zurich Insurance Company 10.0%–25.0% Yes zurichcanada.com


Commercial Insurance–Surety Commissions

Name of Insurer Range of Standard Commissions CPC Website
Aviva Canada 15.0%–27.5% No avivacanada.com
CNA 15.0%–30.0% No cnacanada.ca
Economical Insurance 15.0%–25.0% No economical.com
Intact Insurance 15.0%–30.0% No intact.ca
Sovereign Insurance Company 15.0%–30.0% No sovereigninsurance.ca
Travelers Canada 15.0%–27.5% No travelerscanada.ca
Trisura 15.0%–30.0% No trisura.com
Western Surety 15.0%–27.5% No westernsurety.ca
Zurich 15.0%–25.0% No zurichcanada.com

Some of the insurance companies we work with provide us additional compensation through Contingent Profit Commission (CPC). Payment of CPC generally depends on a combination of growth, profitability (loss ratio), volume, retention and increased services that we provide on behalf of an insurance company. It’s based upon our entire portfolio with that insurance company and not on individual policies. CPC isn’t guaranteed.

For detailed information on CPC, please visit your insurance company’s website.

Cowan Insurance Group is affiliated with Fountain Street Finance Incorporated through common ownership which operates under separate management.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

At Cowan Insurance Group we’re committed to protecting your rights as consumers. These include the right to privacy, to be fully informed and treated with respect, and to have timely claims handling and complaint resolution. As a consumer, you also have important responsibilities under the insurance contract. You’re responsible for understanding your needs, asking questions, and providing accurate information to your broker and insurer.

You can read more about your rights and responsibilities on the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website: Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.