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Life insurance, disability, illness coverage, and long term care – we’ve got you covered

Life happens. Being prepared for uncertainty can leave you better equipped for unpredictable events that may occur. Serious injury, illness, and loss of life can strike without warning, impacting your livelihood and setting you back financially.

Cowan Insurance Group offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to help you prepare for future life events. Our expert team of brokers will take the time to listen and understand your needs. They go above and beyond to help you reach your goals and offer you tailored advice.

Life Insurance

In the unfortunate event that something were to happen to you, a comprehensive life insurance plan ensures that your loved ones are cared for and protected.

Life Insurance


As an employer, partnering with an industry-leading health and disability service will help reduce overall absenteeism, decrease short-term disability duration, and see fewer transitions to long-term disability, resulting in significant savings to your business.


Critical Illness

The last thing you should be worrying about during critical illness is money. The right coverage helps reduce your stress and lets you focus on more important things like your health and treatment.

Critical Illness

Why partner with Cowan Insurance Group?

Expert advice

Someone who specializes in personal insurance will call you directly. Our expert advice means you will speak to the right person the first time.

Custom Coverage

Custom coverage specifically built for you means that Cowan will take the time to learn about your insurance needs.

Our Promise

Cowan is Canadian owned and independent. Your satisfaction is the only outcome we accept. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we care about what you care about.

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