Occupational Claims Management Services (OCMS)

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Why do employers need a structured health and safety program to manage Workers' Compensation costs?

The Workers' Compensation (WC) landscape is vast, multifaceted, and interconnected.

Most businesses in Canada require WC coverage, but with rules and regulations varying by province and recent changes to the rating system, it can be complicated and daunting for Human Resources and costly to employers.

Paying WC insurance premiums ensures that employees are protected. WC insurance will cover costs for lost earnings and treatments should an employee be injured at work. But as an employer, your WC claim frequency and severity play a significant factor in determining your forthcoming premium rate. Similar to short- and long-term disability insurance, the more WC claims an employer incurs, the higher their premium will be—particularly with lost-time claims.  If you’re a Schedule 2 employer, reducing lost time is a direct savings to your bottom line.

Why outsource your Workers' Compensation claims management to Cowan?

As third party administrators, our case managers and paralegals have the expertise needed to identify cost savings opportunities and help reduce lost-time claim durations through active case management, improving your overall WC experience.

Our program will:

  • Ensure that employees who apply for WC benefits are eligible, and if we feel they’re not, we’ll manage all objections, appeals, SEIF applications and other cost-saving measures
  • Act as a liaison for you, managing all communication with the board, your employee and their healthcare providers
  • Support employees through their recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring they’re receiving appropriate care
  • Help to reduce your lost-time claims by facilitating early and safe returns to suitable modified work
  • Mitigate your costs as an employer through administrative protocols where possible

WC claims management and a structured health and safety program can help reduce your incidence of workers' compensation claims and reduce the lost income and healthcare expenses associated with lost time claims.

An experienced team at your service

Our Return to Health® Occupational Claims Management Service team includes multidisciplinary case managers with varying health care backgrounds who are experienced in WC legislation and processes to help you with:

  • Consulting advice
  • Objections and appeals
  • Applications for transfer of costs, including Secondary Injury Enhancement Fund (SEIF)
  • Accommodation and transitional work programs
  • Full Case Management services

In addition to our team of occupational therapists, kinesiologists, registered nurses and mental health specialists, our consulting paralegals have over 25 years of experience working with and for WC boards, offering financial analysis, classification reviews, and representation at appeals and tribunals.

The benefits of a comprehensive platform and a full suite of absence management

With Return to Health, you are offered a consistent approach to case management for both your occupational and non-occupational needs. We manage both types of claims for you using COLO—our proprietary leave management platform—giving you:

  • Ability to house all occupational and non-occupational leaves in one location
  • Access to comprehensive real-time reporting at your fingertips
  • Secure user access—COLO allows you to limit access to occupational and non-occupational claims based on role and your organizational needs

Return to Health support, when and where you need it

Cowan offers a flexible approach to Occupational Claims Management Services. Choose from any of our custom service options:

WC Consulting Services

  • Dedicated intake line for ad hoc WC questions
  • Support from experienced case managers
  • Paralegal representation for board appeals and tribunals

Full Case Management

  • Optional Form 7 completion
  • Transitional return to work planning
  • Accommodations
  • Objections and appeals
  • Integration with short- or long-term disability, if applicable
  • Access to real-time reporting

Cost Relief

  • Secondary Injury and Enhancement Fund (SIEF)
  • Aggravation based
  • Transfer of costs
  • Classification reviews
  • Rate reviews