Transitional Work Programs, Return to Work & Workplace Accommodation

Striking the right balance between claims management and return to work is critical when designing transitional work programs. As an employer, you have a duty to accommodate or re-employ employees following a disability.

Cowan’s transitional work program is closely monitored by healthcare professionals and helps employers place partially disabled or recovering employees into meaningful, productive work. As part of our comprehensive services, we:

  • Secure support from senior management and the union
  • Ensure your legislative obligations are met
  • Facilitate communication between stakeholders
  • Dedicate one team member to manage the case in its entirety
  • Provide modified work and/or schedules
  • Measure and report outcomes

As a result, both the employee and employer win, with:

  • Minimized personal consequences of a prolonged absence
  • Reduced time to return employees to full capacity
  • Improved employee self-esteem and productivity
  • Reduced costs of work-related injuries and hiring replacement workers

Cowan can also assist with evaluating medical accommodations required in the workplace by obtaining required medical information and implementing an accommodation plan with timelines.

Contact us to learn more about how we can transition your employees back to work.