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In a world of increasingly complex condominium claims, let us help you feel safe, secure, and covered.

As a condo unit owner with tenants, have you ever wondered, “Why do I need Condominium Unit Insurance when I am not the unit occupant? Doesn’t my tenant have insurance?” What about the Corporation’s insurance? While the Corporation must have insurance, the condominium owner and tenant should each have their coverage. “If I rent for a short period, do I need specialized insurance?” or “If I have a long-term renter, what insurance do I need?” That depends on many factors. Our team of experts is here to help you answer these questions and more, ensuring you feel safe, secure and protected.

Do you understand what your policy covers and if there are any potential exposures? What happens if a renter causes an issue in a common area? Whose insurance covers it, and who is liable? Is it the condo corporation’s insurance, your unit insurance, or renter’s insurance? Ensure you protect your assets and financial well-being with the correct insurance.

As a condo unit owner, are you responsible for your renter’s additional costs after an insurable loss? What happens if your renter causes a water leak in your unit and there’s damage to its contents, your unit, and the unit below? What do you need to be covered for? Talk to an expert to protect you from mistakes when renting your condominium out. The growing complexity of condominium insurance issues has made it vital for condo unit owners to shield themselves from financial loss and obligations to condominium corporations in an insurable loss situation.

Navigating these areas can be challenging. Cowan has been at the forefront of the Condominium Corporation Insurance sector for three decades, partnering with condominium unit holders to find the insurance plan that best fits their needs. Our program provides some of the most comprehensive coverage available in the market.

Meet the Experts

The Cowan Condominium Insurance Team has earned a solid reputation in the community, providing insurance services and professional advice to residential and commercial condominiums in Ontario for over 30 years. With dedicated in-house expertise and long-standing industry relationships, our team of experts is here to analyze your needs and create options for you.

David Outa, BA., CIP, CRM, LCCI

David Outa, BA., CIP, CRM, LCCI

Commercial Account Executive, Condominium Insurance Practice Leader

  • Over two decades of commercial and personal insurance experience
  • Specializing in risk management for the Realty Segment with a focus on Condominium Corporations, Not-For-Profit Entities, and other general commercial exposures
  • BA in Economics from the University of Waterloo; Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP); Canadian Risk Management designation (CRM), Leader of the Canadian Condominium Institute designation (LCCI)
  • Founding member of the Canadian Condominium Institute – Grand River Chapter, and past director of the Canadian Condominium Institute – Golden Horseshoe Chapter
Matthew Duff, CIP

Matthew Duff, CIP

Account Executive, Condominium Corporation Expert

  • 20 Years of property and casualty experience in our Commercial Insurance department, including Condominium Corporations, Small Business Solutions and Claims
  • Commercial Account Executive for our Commercial Condominium Corporation insurance program clients, focusing on risk management to identify exposures and provide insurance solutions that fit their needs
  • Expertise in client advocacy, with an in-depth understanding of the claims process
  • Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation and member of the Canadian Condominium Institute – Grand River Chapter

Dedicated Claims Process Differential

When it comes to claims management, experience matters. From thorough coverage reviews to prompt resolution and advocacy, we are committed to providing you with the support and peace of mind you deserve.

Our Claims Team goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the support and advocacy you deserve. In-house claims experts handle all aspects of claims management, from reporting, coverage review, and tracking to advocacy and resolution, including after-hours support. We are here seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to help you handle your emergency.

Client Testimonials

"David, Matt, and the team were so easy to work with when we had to make a claim."


Our condominium has been a Cowan client for five years. David, Matt, and the team were so easy to work with when we had to make a claim. They were polite, quick, and efficient; I could not have been any happier with the service I received from them. I recommend Cowan Insurance Group for all condo insurance needs.

Sue Gordon | Condo Board Member | WSCC-251

"Our team has worked with the Cowan Insurance Group team for over 25 years."


Our condominium management firm manages more than 100 condominium corporations of varied sizes and ages. We have always been able to rely on the Cowan team to provide us with full-spectrum services, competitive annual insurance coverage, and a professional and timely manner. The Cowan team supports our condominium managers when an insurance claim arises, meets with boards of directors to educate them on their condominium’s insurance package, and is available to continuously share their industry-leading knowledge and expertise with us.

Our team has worked with the Cowan Insurance Group team for over 25 years. They have consistently delivered exceptional service in all aspects of their customer service experience. They exhibit a high degree of expertise and professionalism in their field. They provide clear, timely, and effective communication to us. Hence, we have the information to keep our clients informed and focus on building first-rate working partnerships.

Our interactions with all members of the Cowan team have been positive, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with an insurance broker who exhibits a dedication to excellence in all aspects of their services.

Margot Morel, OLCM, RCM | Vice-President of Business Development & Client Relations | MF Property Management Ltd., OLCMP

"What sets Cowan apart is their unwavering dedication to meeting their clients’ needs."


Being a client of Cowan Insurance Group has been an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to providing exceptional service is truly commendable. From the moment I reached out to inquire about their insurance products or have an inquiry, I have always been treated with professionalism, expertise, and genuine care.

What sets Cowan apart is their unwavering dedication to meeting their clients’ needs. Whether assisting with policy inquiries, providing timely updates, or offering valuable advice to my clients, their team goes above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.

I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with various representatives at Cowan over the last ten years, and each interaction has reinforced my trust in their capabilities. Their attention to detail and willingness to tailor solutions to accommodate my clients’ needs have made us continue to want to have our portfolio’s insurance needs managed by Cowan.

In times of need, I’ve experienced firsthand the promptness and efficiency of each claim or inquiry. I wholeheartedly recommend Cowan Insurance Group to anyone seeking reliable, client-focused insurance services. Their dedication to excellence is unmatched, and I am grateful to be a part of their satisfied clientele.

Dawn Gouveia, OLCM, RCM | Director of Business Development / Senior Condominium Manager | Weigel Management

Cowan is also an active member of The Canadian Condominium Institute's Grand River and Golden Horseshoe chapters, and regularly provides educational seminars for property managers and board directors.

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