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Why you need Buy – Sell Agreements for your Business

In the event of an unexpected tragedy striking one of your key shareholders such as; death, disability or critical illness you could be faced with sudden, unplanned financial challenges. Alternatively, a key shareholder could unexpectedly resign, leaving you scrambling to find their replacement. Either of these unplanned events could be a significant risk to the financial health and viability of your company, potentially requiring you to attempt to finance an equity purchase with the employee’s family.

By working with Cowan we can help you avoid these unnecessary challenges. This type of corporate insurance policy allows the surviving partners and shareholders to carry on business without the influence of the departing partner or his or her family. It also ensures that the existing partner or their family receives full financial value for their share of the business. At Cowan, we implement trusted solutions to make sure all legal obligations that were part of your shareholders’ agreement are met.

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