Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance

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Cyber Insurance offers protection for every business

Regardless of industry,  your business is exposed to a variety of cyber risks if you use technology. Information and data protection covers electronic security breaches involving client or proprietary data, the theft of a mobile device, laptop or USB drive, and ransomware protection. Protect your employees and your customers with a comprehensive cyber risk insurance plan. Having coverage not only provides you with options for protecting yourself, but provides cyber risk mitigation to help prevent breach reoccurrences, while in turn lowering your premiums.

Cowan Insurance Group provides cyber risk management solutions including:

  • Network security and privacy breach liability
  • Third party coverage from a failure of security, including theft of mobile equipment and password hacking
  • Privacy breach expense
  • Third party coverage for business interruption loss, digital assets, and cyber extortion

No matter the size of your company, our dedicated team of expert advisors will walk you through the steps to help protect the security of your business

  • The importance of educating employees
  • Investing in a good defence system to protect your data segmenting networks to ensure data is not accessible by the wrong people
  • Keeping software up-to-date and help prepare you for an emergency
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