Today, Cowan Insurance Group, a leading Canadian insurance brokerage and consulting firm, announced the appointment of Lianne Clarke to the position of Principal, VP, Wellness and Disability Innovation and Growth.

Working with the Business Development team, Lianne will act as our subject matter expert on Wellness and Disability and mobilize her expertise to accelerate Wellness and Disability growth. She will also lead disability innovation and implement new processes while retaining responsibility for managing her key client relationships. With over 25 years of consulting and leadership experience in wellness and disability, Lianne’s thought leadership will be an asset to our Business Development team. Her new role is part of a broader restructuring initiative that builds on a strong foundation for continued excellence in operational processes.

“We are thrilled to see Lianne taking on this strategic new role in Business Development as we continue to encompass our corporate business initiatives,” said Marc Benoit, VP, Business Development, Cowan Insurance Group. “With the uncertainty and unpredictability that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, it is more critical than ever to help our clients navigate the pandemic’s mental health impact. We are proud that our Cowan subject matter experts bring the knowledge and experience that can help make a difference in the lives of our clients and our communities. Lianne’s fresh and innovative perspective helps us to serve our clients better in a constantly changing environment.”

To support Lianne’s new role, we are pleased to share that Ryan Haffner has joined Cowan Insurance Group as Director, Wellness and Disability. Ryan will oversee the effective management of our day-to-day Wellness and Disability operations, ensuring that our clients’ expectations continue to be met. With over 10 years of experience in disability management, Ryan’s case management, coaching, consulting, and disability management experience will help ensure operational excellence in our Wellness and Disability practice.

“We are excited about Ryan joining our team and the breadth and depth of knowledge he brings to the role. As a seasoned leader, Ryan is passionate about delivering an exceptional client experience and providing strong mentorship and leadership to our Wellness and Disability team,” said Tammy Phelps, Practice Leader, VP, Consulting, Wellness and Disability.


Marc Benoit

VP, Business Development

Cowan Insurance Group


Tammy Phelps,

Practice Leader, VP, Consulting, Wellness and Disability, Group Benefits

Cowan Insurance Group