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An essential part of any comprehensive financial plan to safeguard for your future.

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Protect your family from financial burden after an unexpected loss of life.

Life insurance is a critical part of being prepared for the future — especially if you have a family. Ensure you are planning for contingencies, providing for dependants, and achieving your financial goals.

Having life insurance means that your dependents can receive a tax-free lump sum to help them replace lost income, pay for your children’s education, maintain the life you helped set up, and relieve any debts. Death benefits proceeds are received tax-free and in most situations are not subject to estate shrinkage costs, such as probate, legal and executor’s fees, and creditor claims. In addition, life insurance proceeds flow directly to your beneficiary without delay when settling an estate. Talk to us about the many benefits of life insurance and our wide range of plans and services to build the solution that’s right for you.

Let our team of advisors walk you through the various options available, whether you’re looking for debt protection or to provide assistance to your family during those tough times. We’re here to help you find the life insurance offering that best suits your needs.

We’re focused on helping you find the right solution. Contact us today to get started.

Why partner with Cowan Insurance Group?

Expert advice

Someone who specializes in personal insurance will call you directly. Our expert advice means you will speak to the right person the first time.

Custom Coverage

Custom coverage specifically built for you means that Cowan will take the time to learn about your insurance needs.

Our Promise

Cowan is Canadian owned and independent. Your satisfaction is the only outcome we accept. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we care about what you care about.

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