Trade Credit Insurance

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Trade Credit Insurance can be essential for your business

Trade Credit Insurance provides protection for sellers against buyers that do not, or cannot pay. If one of the buyers of your business’s products or services does not pay as a result of bankruptcy, insolvency, or other financial hardship, the trade credit insurance policy will pay out a percentage of the outstanding debt.

Standard policies cover the following events:

  • Bankruptcy or Insolvency of a buyer;
  • “Protracted default” or the non-payment of an account after a specified period of time
  • Single buyer coverage
  • Excess of Loss
  • Political Risk
  • Reputation or Buyer non-acceptance
  • Export protection

Trade Credit Insurance protects your balance sheet assets by covering your Accounts Receivables against non-payment risk. Credit Insurance can also be used to unlock additional financial flexibility on a bank line of credit, providing opportunities to reduce risk and grow your business.

Speak with an expert Cowan advisor to learn more about how our Trade Credit Insurance can protect your business from unpredictable financial risks.

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