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Political Risk Insurance: essential for international business

Expanding your international business presence opens you up to new markets. Unfortunately, it can also expose you to heightened financial and political risks. Cowan can help you protect your assets against any losses due to political risk events like a seizure of assets, war, civil uprisings and more. Political Risk Insurance coverage can help mitigate the uncertainty associated with international business or trade.

Key political risks include:

  • Expropriation, nationalization or discriminatory regulations
  • Inability to access an asset due to war, revolution, or civil strife
  • Cancellation or non-renewal of import or export licenses
  • Embargo or other import/export restrictions not in place prior to investment or contract
  • Confiscation, seizure or inability to re-export equipment or inventory
  • Non-payment by a Sovereign buyer
  • Failure to honour a Sovereign guarantee
  • Frustration of payment under Documentary Credits resulting in the rightful call of a bond or guarantee due to political events
  • Kidnap, ransom, or extortion of personnel or their families

Speak with an expert advisor to learn more about our Political Risk Insurance and how Cowan can provide information and options for you to prepare for these unpredictable risks.

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