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Why you need Income Loss and Protection Insurance for your Employees

Offering an income loss and protection plan gives your employees peace of mind in the case of disability. These plans offer key employees the ability to either entirely replace, or top up, their existing disability benefits. As an added benefit to you as the employer, any long-term disability (LTD) premiums you pay on the employees behalf, are a tax-deductible business expense.

Our policies are flexible and easy to understand, giving your employee the choice of when the benefits begin after a disability and how long their coverage will last.  Additional options are available to add value including:

Additional options are available to add value including:

Cost of living rider

  • Automatic increases in the benefit each year to keep pace with inflation and cost of living

Own-occupation rider

  • Employee receives the disability benefit if he or she can’t perform the “material and substantial duties” of his or her occupation, or position, when becoming disabled. The employee may find full time employment in a different field or role and still receive the entire benefit.

Future income increases rider

  • Guarantees the ability to get disability insurance in the future, without having to prove medical insurability

Retirement protection plan

  • Replaces a portion of your retirement contributions if the employee becomes disabled

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