Income Loss Replacement

An income loss replacement plan offers key employees the ability to replace or top up their existing  disability benefits. The benefit to you as the employer is that the long-term disability (LTD) premiums you pay are a tax-deductible business expense.

The employee gets a choice in when they’d like the benefits to begin and how long their coverage lasts. What’s more, we can provide extra value with the following options:

  • Cost of living rider - increases the benefit each year to keep pace with living costs
  • Own occupation rider - employee receives 100% of the disability benefit if he or she can’t perform the material duties of his or her occupation
  • Future income increases rider - guarantees the ability to get disability insurance in future, without having to prove medical insurability
  • Retirement protection plan - replaces  a portion of your retirement contributions if the employee becomes disabled

Critical Illness 

Critical Illness coverage can be a highly valued perk for your team of key employees. We offer “grouped” coverage which provides a lump sum benefit for up to 24 conditions including heart attack, cancer, and stroke. Either the employee or the company can own the product or be named beneficiary – the choice is yours.

We’ll shop the market on your behalf to ensure you get the best cost and coverage options.  Contact us today to get started.