High Risk Residential Program

At Cowan Insurance Group, we recognize that you need to have insurance solutions for all your clients, including those who may not qualify for property insurance within typical markets.

That's why we have partnered with Aviva to develop a unique High Risk Residential Program that is ideal for your clients who have:

  • Poor claims experience
  • No prior experience
  • Payment problems
  • Prior carrier lapsed or refused to renew
  • Rented dwelling with absentee landlords
  • Vacant dwellings


  • Updates issues (galvanized plumbing, knob and tube wiring, etc.)
  • Dwellings with 3 mortgagees
  • Tenants above commercial occupancy
  • Rental cottages
  • Stand-alone seasonal dwellings


Cowan’s dedicated to ensuring you always get a prompt response with expert insight into the unique challenges of writing business with high risk residential clients.

As a broker, you can request a no-obligation quote for this program at any time, and don’t forget, you’re eligible for commissions.