Cyber Risk

As technology continues to advance the way we do business and enhance the types of products and services available, it also creates new points of vulnerability. Today, cyber risk is a growing concern for all businesses, big or small.

As organizations continue to leverage cloud-based infrastructures, eCommerce business solutions, SaaS based architectures, and “Bring Your Own Device” environments, their risk and liability exposure continues to grow. Companies must become cognizant of the risk and be proactive in how they mitigate a potential attack.

Cowan Insurance Group provides cyber risk management solutions including:

  • Network security and privacy breach liability
  • Third party coverage from a failure of security, including theft of mobile equipment and password hacking
  • Privacy breach expense
  • First party coverage for business interruption loss, digital assets and cyber extortion

With a dedicated team of industry experts, we understand the unique challenges that come with being increasingly connected. We take the time to understand your requirements and develop a cyber risk management strategy that works for you.

Whether you’re a small business or a large international organization, Cowan Insurance Group is there to protect you and your business.