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October 10: World Mental Health Day

Every year Mental Health Day is observed on the tenth day of the tenth month. The World Health Federation of Mental Health initiated this day to raise awareness of mental health issues on an international level in hopes of increasing mental health support. Mental health is becoming increasingly associated with work place absences and short term and long term disability costs.
Mental illness costs the Canadian economy approximately $51 billion per year. The Mental Health…

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October: Influenza Immunization Awareness Month

October is Influenza Immunization Awareness Month. Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a wide range of influenza viruses that spread rapidly from person to person. Healthy adults can actually shed the virus and spread it to other people before any symptoms occur.  

According to Immunize Canada, it is estimated that in a given year up to 20,000 hospitalizations related to influenza may occur and approximately 4,000 Canadians…

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Ending Waste, Optimizing Outcomes

The September edition of Spotlight on Benefits focused on the two primary sources of drug waste—channel waste and drug-mix waste—these along with patient non-adherence to drug therapy, account for the 33% of drug spend that is wasted annually.

When a plan member uses pharmacy services that are more expensive, or takes a medication that costs more but offers no clinical advantage, waste occurs. When a patient does not take their medication as prescribed, their health…

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Maintaining Benefits Coverage with a Temporary Work Interruption

A common inquiry from employers is how employee benefits and premium contributions function when an employee is on a temporary work interruption. The type of interruption (e.g., maternity or paternity leave, general layoff or leave of absence) determines how long benefits will continue. 

Each insurance carrier has their own parameters on how long they allow benefits to continue when an employee is not actively working. Employers should review their contracts to determine the…

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