Travel Reminder for Your Employees

Most group health benefit plans cover plan members while traveling outside their home province or country (for a certain period of time), and many also include Emergency Travel Assistance.  Surprisingly, many employees do not realize that their plan provides this valuable provision and therefore purchase travel health insurance from travel agents, financial institutions, when they do not need to.

For most travel situations, the group plan provides more than adequate coverage including emergency medical costs and medical evacuations; most plans will also coordinate the management of the expenses between medical provider, insurer and provincial Medicare programs.

What the group plan may not do is protect your employee if they need to cancel their flight, their room or another travel arrangement, or from lost luggage; this could require supplementary coverage.

Other situations where additional travel health insurance is advisable:

  • If you group plan has an age limitation
  • If the maximum duration of the travel insurance is inadequate
  • If, in a rare situation, a pre-existing condition may restrict group coverage
  • The trip may be into an area of the world where war or civil unrest is an issue

For these types of special travel insurance needs, your employees can obtain individual travel insurance by going online at 
Before departing, remind your employees to:

  • Ensure they pack their travel insurance papers, along with emergency help numbers, including their family doctor’s contact information
  • Bring along their travel assistance card
  • Leave details of insurance coverage with a contact person at home
  • Consider talking to their doctor to address any concerns about travelling with a medical condition