The Importance of Certified Disability Management Professionals (CDMP)

Awareness regarding the importance of pro-active management of employee absences is increasing in every workplace. However, there is still debate regarding the most effective way to save money, support employees absent due to illness or injury, and meet your obligations as an employer. It is often a challenge for employers to implement a consistent approach in absence and disability management of their employees.

The Ontario Hospital Association, with over 150 public hospitals and member organizations, is a large organization that took the initiative to evaluate the quality of their disability management practices across the member organizations. Following the program evaluation by subject matter experts, they decided to partner with the National Institute of Disability Management and Rehabilitation (NIDMAR) for delivery of best practice disability management training for the occupational health and safety employees. Surprisingly, only 12 employees among the OHA membership have their Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) designation. The goal of continuing to improve the Disability Management functions within Ontario hospitals will be achieved through the professionalization of staff by doubling their NIDMAR memberships.

Hopefully this example will encourage other employers to recognize the value and expertise provided by CDMP in the field of absence and disability management. Employers are encouraged to seek out this expertise when searching for an external Disability Management provider or when considering training for internal providers.

As leaders in Disability Management, Cowan has five members of our Disability Management team with CDMP certification. For further information on the benefits of CDMP in Disability Management, please feel free to contact Susan Novo, Manager of Health and Disability
at Cowan.

Source: NIDMAR Bulletin, April 2013, Vol.9, No.5