The Clean Up – Who Is Responsible?

Hazardous air emissions, contaminated waste water and polluted soil are all issues that can pose a problem for many manufactures at any given point.  While each company follows government regulations to keep contaminates at bay, sometimes environmental accidents occur that are out of our control.  Within the last ten years, Environmental Liability coverage has gained in popularity to help protect manufacturers from such incidences. More and more court verdicts are resulting in large penalties for those companies found guilty.  It is advisable to check your current policy to see if there is enough coverage to get you through such a situation. Even if you don’t think your operations could pose a problem, your bank and/or landlord may see it differently.  Many of my manufacturing clients have been instructed, as part of a mortgage or lease requirement, to purchase Environmental Liabilitycoverage regardless.

For more information on what Environmental Liability coverage is designed for, visit our Environmental Liability page or contact us.

David Black
Industry Leader, Vice-President, Manufacturing