Spotlight Newsletter | Winter 2018

Cover of Spotlight Winter 2018

We are very pleased to present the 5th edition of Spotlight. Our newsletter features information for a broad spectrum of our clients and is designed to provide you with a range of insights and interpretations of industry developments. Spotlight presents Cowan Insurance Group’s point of view on the latest social trends and how they may affect businesses, employees, and individuals from a benefits, insurance, and investment perspective. 

Winter is a time of introspection and planning for the coming year. Our feature article, Making Cents—Why Planning for Retirement is a Necessity, Not an Option, examines the important role that financial planning plays in building a sound financial future, along with reasons why many people fail to do so. Health Literacy—Could What You Don’t Know Hurt You offers tips on making positive improvements in employee health literacy while iMotivate—Five Apps to Help Employees Keep Their Resolutions, reviews apps that can help with making that change, and Financial Stress—Bringing Up the Unmentionable takes a closer look at financial literacy within our societal context.

Also in this edition—what you need to know about successful cross-border benefit coordination, and an update on Habitat for Humanity’s Every Youth initiative.

You can view the latest edition of Spotlight below.