Spotlight Newsletter | Summer 2017

Summer Spotlight 2017

This newsletter is designed to provide you with a broad spectrum of insights and interpretations of industry developments and features information for both our individual and group benefit/pension clients. Spotlight presents Cowan's point of view on social trends and how they may affect businesses, employees, and individuals from a benefits and investments perspective.

This edition’s feature, After the Diagnosis, examines the crucial role that employer-sponsored benefits can play for an employee who is diagnosed with a life-altering illness, while Change Management—Easing the Impact of Transitional Times, takes a look at concepts that may help employers better understand—and ease—the impact of organizational transition. We look at the upcoming changes to EI Parental Leave and what you can do when disability leads to dismissal. Also in this edition, how to stay ahead of the game on financial wellness, the pros and cons of HCSA’s, and a benefits rescue mission with a happy ending.

You can view the latest Summer issue below: