Spotlight Newsletter | Spring/Summer 2018

We are very pleased to present the 6th edition of Spotlight. Our newsletter features information for a broad spectrum of our clients and is designed to provide you with a range of insights and interpretations of industry developments. Spotlight presents Cowan Insurance Group’s point of view on the latest trends and how they may affect businesses, employees, and individuals from a benefits, insurance, and investment perspective.

This edition’s feature article Are Canadian Youth in Peril? examines the growing incidence of anxiety among Canadian youth and what adults can do to have a positive impact on their children’s future. At the opposite end of the generation spectrum, Retirement—The Next Financial Chapter offers insight into the importance of being psychologically ready for retirement. Protecting Your Privacy and Overdue Payment both offer an overview of recent legislative changes in the technology and construction sectors, as well as the potential ramifications of these developments to you and your business. Also in this edition—shake up your benefits strategy by asking yourself, Who Does Your Plan Benefit?

Read the latest edition of Spotlight here.

We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue and would appreciate any feedback or suggested topics to explore for future publications.