Spotlight Newsletter | Fall 2017

Fall Spotlight 2017


Our newsletter is designed to provide you with a broad spectrum of insights and interpretations of industry developments and features information for both our individual and group benefit/pension clients. Spotlight presents Cowan’s point of view on social trends and how they may affect businesses, employees, and individuals from a benefits and investments perspective.

With November’s worldwide focus on diabetes, this edition’s feature, T1D Looks Like Me, shines the spotlight on Type 1 diabetes and highlights the important role that employer benefits have to play for employees living with chronic conditions, while Workplace Addiction answers the question, “are workaholics counterproductive?Harmonization shares tips on how to bring it all together during a merger and acquisition, and Border Crossing details some of the challenges of harmonizing pension plans multi-nationally. In Foreign Workers, we discuss the potential cost to employers of being misinformed about a multinational workforce, and Easy-Peasy Drug Price Control explains how Canadian drug prices are set. Also in this edition—how you can be the catalyst of change within your organization, and a case study update on Return to Health® going global. 

You can view the latest Fall issue below: