Protect employees who are travelling abroad

As employee travel becomes more common in many industries, it is imperative that employers understand their responsibilities when it comes to employee travel – including their responsibilities to the employee. Whether it’s Brussels, Belgium, Somalia, Africa or even London, Ontario the world is simply not as safe as it used to be and employees need to factor in employee safety precautions when they’re on business trips.  

To comply with their duties regarding employee travel, employers should1:

  1. Conduct a risk assessment in relation to employees’ work-related travel abroad.
  2. Ensure that they have a suitable occupational road risk policy to cover employees required to work abroad.
  3. Make inquiries of any third party, which has chartered an employee’s travel, regarding the safety arrangements put in place by the travel operators or at least ask the third party about any relevant safety concerns.
  4. Ensure that employees have adequate insurance coverage for foreign travel.

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1) For the details on the court rulings to support these requirements please visit: Withers Worldwide