Protect Your Limousine and Livery Business – Expect the Unexpected

Word of mouth is incredibly important in your industry and maintaining a professional image is key. You want repeat customers and you want them to tell their friends, so you’ll do what is reasonable to ensure that your client knows you’re their preferred chauffeur service.

Did you know that those additional services which promote your company as the best of the best can also expose you to additional liability? How you address those additional risks also sets you apart from others. There are many ways you can mitigate your risk, and insurance is one method.

Consider the following:

  • Your open a hotel door for your customer, however your hand slips and your customer walks into the metal door frame. They sue for broken glasses and the pain of suffering from migraines for the next month while they heal.
  • While helping the bride to the park for their wedding pictures you step on her dress causing it to rip and the bride to fall and dislocate her shoulder. A liability suit follows shortly thereafter claiming damages for the ripped dress, physical injury, and a host of other expenses for the lawyers to debate.
  • A fire starts in the shop that you rent for your vehicle and the landlord's insurer is suing you for the damages.

Services you provide can extend beyond the car and your liability coverage should as well. Car insurance won’t protect you when the car is not involved. Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage can be obtained to protect your company from law suits claiming compensation for bodily injury or property damage due to your negligent business activities; regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Contact us for a quote if it’s not already part of your coverage.

Child Car Seats in Limousines

Effective risk management starts with understanding. Click here to review the article from Cowan and Northbridge which provides an overview of the risk, important tips to help reduce your risk, and links to various websites so you can further your understanding. We’re pleased to be your partner and hope the information we provide helps you successfully run your business.