July Health Matters

Be safe this summer! 

Summer is here. For many Canadian families it means spending time outdoors, and seeking relief from the heat at pools, lakes and beaches. Water can be fun and refreshing, but it also brings with it several risks that can lead to water-related fatalities.

Ensure your safety is a priority. Before visiting the water, consider the common fatality factors revealed by a recent Canadian Red Cross Report:

  • Children (1 to 4 years) and men (15 to 44 years) are at the greatest risk of drowning
  • Small children are the most vulnerable and can drown in only a few centimeters of water
  • For every death, there are an estimated four to five additional near-drowning incidents which require hospitalizations and often result in varying degrees of brain damage
  • The majority of infants and toddlers drowned in bathtubs and pools; older children and youth drowned primarily in large bodies of water
  • Alcohol consumption is a significant factor in adult water-related fatalities

Download a PDF here of this month's Health Matters poster from our website to share with your employees, and start spreading awareness!

For more information, including additional summer safety tips, visit redcross.ca.