Financial Literacy – Series 2

Financial Literacy and Kids

On April 15, 2014 the Federal Minister of State (Finance), Kevin Sorenson announced the appointment of Jane Rooney as Canada’s first Financial Literacy Leader.  Ms. Rooney has been given the mandate to “collaborate and coordinate activities with stakeholders to contribute to and support initiatives that strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians.”   Once a national strategy for financial literacy is created, Ms. Rooney will develop “best practices” for the delivery of financial literacy across the country, such as the integration of financial literacy into the elementary school curriculum.

This past April also saw the first Talk With Our Kids About Money Day . The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) has designated the third Wednesday of April -Talk With Our Kids About Money Day, with the goal of encouraging parents, guardians and teachers to talk with children about money.  In keeping with our Financial Literacy Series of employee posters, we’ve developed a poster you can share with your employees to help them talk with the children in their lives about money. Click here to view full poster.