Case Study: How two local companies and their employees benefit from wellness programs

As Group Benefits Consultants, we’re here to make sure you get the most from your plan and insurer—we’re your champion every step of the way. That means we work to provide you with the support, guidance and resources you need to help your employees.

One such example—and an oft-overlooked one— is the creation of a wellness program, an important piece of the compensation package that employers can offer their staff. Implementing an effective employee wellness program can help organizations attract top talent by bringing employee well-being to the forefront of the organization. And that has a trickle-down effect—by maintaining a healthy workforce, you  can help your organization reduce overall absenteeism and drug spends, improve corporate morale and employee well-being, and inevitably, drive your business goals forward.

At Cowan Insurance Group and The Williamson Group, we fully support the sharing of innovative healthy workplace initiatives. In celebration of Healthy Workplace Month, we’re pleased to share case studies on two clients who have incorporated wellness into their corporate culture and how it helped their organizations thrive.