Canadian-made tape manufacturer SpiderTech holds it together in a trying economy

SpiderTech, a Canadian made kinesiology tape manufacturer knows how to stick it out in a tough economy.  With only a few years on the market, this innovative company has grown its product into a fan-favourite amongst competitive athletes and weekend hobbyists alike.  The company manufactures non-medicated pre-cut kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever it hurts in a simple and easy system.

By creating an innovative product that provides a quick and effective solution at an affordable price, the company tripled their sales over the past 3 years – and they haven’t even hit the retail market yet.

The company founder, Ray Arbesman is negotiating with several North American retail outlets and expects the company’s growth to explode once the product hits the broader consumer market.

So how does a small start-up with a stellar product get off its feet in this trying economy?  SpiderTech taught us that producing a quality and innovative product is a great start but every great product needs a great marketing plan.

The company ran a commercial on Tour de France broadcasts in Canada and Olympic broadcasts in Western USA offering free samples of the “XSpiderTM” (Spidertech’s brand name consumer product) and in turn received over 140,000 requests.  Innovative marketing at its finest – the company provided the right product to the right market at the right time, and in turn is expecting to reap in the rewards.

SpiderTech has provided the remedy for growing pains in a tough economy – apply a targeted marketing plan to an innovative product and watch your company grow.

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David Black
Industry Leader, Vice-President, Manufacturing