ASINTA—Global Feet on the Ground for Clients

Did you know that Cowan Insurance Group’s global team provides our clients centralized project management with “local feet on the ground” expertise in over a hundred countries worldwide?  Ten years ago, Cowan Insurance Group expanded its consulting reach world-wide by entering into partnership with Asinta—an international group of consulting firms dedicated to bringing relevant and meaningful, country-specific benefits to clients internationally.

Asinta provides us with a comprehensive global reach and unique insights into the global benefits landscape. Regardless of where in the world they are located, our Asinta partnership gives us the capability to assist our clients with group benefits and retirement. Our global partners maintain the same level of superior customer service, communication and relationship standards to which our clients are accustomed—with the added understanding of their own local markets.

Regular meetings, strategy sessions and conferences help us foster our Asinta partnerships. Annual meetings like this allow us to meet face-to-face with our partners and share knowledge, build relationships, exploring opportunities and trends that are relevant to the employers with whom we work in our home countries. The agenda for our upcoming general meeting, hosted by our UK partner Punter Southall, includes a global panel discussion of topics related to personal time off (legislation, vacation and sick time) and globally relevant hot-button challenges which all of our clients face.

Asinta partnership gives us insight into current international complexities faced by multinational corporations and organizations wishing to expand abroad, ensuring that the needs of both local subsidiaries and global head offices are met. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on the issues discussed at this year’s annual meeting.