Mandatory Data Breach Notification Rules Now in Effect

November 16, 2018

As a valued business partner, your Cowan team is here to ensure you have the information you need to protect your business. We want to make you aware of changes to the Privacy Act which recently took effect, to give you the opportunity to discuss how...

Legislative Updates for September 2018

October 15, 2018

Benefits   Canada Current and forthcoming minimum hourly wage rates. For more information, visit: The Government of Canada website. British Columbia Update on implementation of Medicare Protection Act measures. Measures to protect...

Legislative Updates for July & August 2018

September 7, 2018

Benefits British Columbia No age restrictions on insulin pumps.  Effective July 3rd, 2018, people of B.C. will have coverage of insulin pumps for Type 1 diabetes, regardless of age. Source: The Government of British Columbia website....

Cannabis | Build. Grow. Protect.

August 30, 2018

                Cowan Insurance Group offers one of the most comprehensive Cannabis Business Insurance packages for licensed producers in the marketplace today. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! The...

September Health Matters

August 7, 2018

Keep your dependent students covered! It’s that time of year again—registering for classes, shopping for new devices, preparing to move—  but it is also time to confirm the student status of your dependent children aged 18 to...

Is OHIP+ To Be Just a Memory?

August 7, 2018

Less than 12 months ago, the government of Ontario announced the introduction of OHIP+ to provide prescription drug coverage for Ontarians under the age of 25. Coverage was restricted to drugs eligible under the Ontario Drug Benefit...