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As pet owners, we share a bond with our cat or dog that’s like no other. From the big moments in our lives to lazy mornings, our pets are with us through it all. They see our unfiltered selves and love us unconditionally.

Before everyone moved to work from home at Petsecure, we were encouraged to bring pets to the office. When working from home became the new normal, our pets became regular participants in meetings. Whether they are napping on our lap or chewing a toy in the background, our pets are all considered to be part of the team.

As individuals, we understand the importance of pet insurance and promote people-pet relationships by giving owners protection from difficult conversations and unexpected costs.

What does Petsecure pet health insurance cover?

It’s important to note that before your pet is eligible for insurance, a veterinary exam must be performed and submitted to Petsecure. Keep reading to learn more about what coverage Petsecure offers.


Coverage in the event their pet is hit by a car, eats a gym sock, or drinks anti-freeze.


Conditions such as arthritis, torn ligaments, ear infections, bladder problems, diabetes, and cancer make up most claims seen. Pet insurance allows pet owners to say yes to treatment for both short-term and chronic diseases diagnosed in their cats and dogs.

Hereditary and congenital conditions

Hip dysplasia, heart disease, and liver shunts are conditions that may be diagnosed after a seemingly healthy kitten or puppy is adopted into their forever home.

Examinations and taxes

Petsecure is proud to offer coverage for examinations and taxes, so pet owners can make the decision to see their own veterinarian or a specialist depending on their pet’s needs.

Diagnostic testing

Petsecure covers blood testing, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, and more.


Routine dental care is included under every Petsecure plan. Many pet insurance companies exclude coverage for pre-existing dental conditions.

We provide coverage for dental illness or accidents, as well as preventative care.

Learn more about our superior dental plan here.

Therapies covered by pet health insurance

Behavioural and Alternative therapies may be covered under your plan. Alternative therapies include acupuncture or massage.

Behavioural therapies covered must be performed by a certified animal behavioural therapist. To qualify, an authorized veterinarian must sign the claim form.

Routine healthcare

Petsecure offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective wellness care in Canada if you want coverage for vaccinations, fecal and urine testing, blood profiles, and parasite control.

What is not covered by health insurance?

Insurance companies can’t cover everything, which is why it is important to provide an updated exam by a veterinarian before deciding on what plan is right for you. Make sure to consider the breed and age of your pet before making your decision.

Pre-existing conditions

Any condition with clinical signs presents prior to the start of a policy or occurring within the waiting period, whether the problem has been diagnosed by a veterinarian, will not be eligible for coverage.


Including prescription diets. To keep the cost of premiums as low as possible, Petsecure does not provide coverage for food.

Spays and neuters

This exclusion includes complications related to these surgeries.

Is Petsecure right for you?

Through life’s ups and downs, your pet is there for you. Petsecure offers the most comprehensive pet health insurance plan in Canada and provides peace of mind to pet parents across the country. Let us be there for your pet. Even when you give your pet the very best care possible, accidents and illnesses can still happen.

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