The insurance industry includes various jobs, from customer service representatives to underwriters, account managers, and more. Additionally, there is a wide range of insurance types, including Personal, Commercial, and Group Benefits, to name a few. Each of these roles requires a unique skill set. At Cowan Insurance Group, it’s common for our employees to progress in their careers by moving into new and challenging roles.

Nearly a decade ago, Cowan expert Ziad Majzoub sought employment in the insurance industry that would provide security and benefits for his young family. In 2012, Ziad applied for a Call Centre Agent job opening through the Cowan website and was offered the position. With big career aspirations and a love for lifelong learning, Ziad transitioned into the role of Account Manager a few years later. Below, Ziad shares his story, how he moved from one position to another, and his future career goals.

How did you start in the insurance industry?

In 2009, I earned a Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) license while working as a financial advisor and insurance broker. I enjoyed being able to help people, and after my wife and I started our family, I wanted a job with more stability and benefits. In 2012 I saw a job posting on the Cowan website that caught my attention. They were looking for a Call Centre Agent fluent in Arabic with an LLQP license, which fit my qualifications. Not long after that, I joined the Cowan team.

How has your career in insurance changed since joining Cowan?

Sometimes in life, you find yourself in a situation where you’re ready for new challenges. Although I was happy working in the Call Centre, it wasn’t possible to move up. Fortunately, I made a good impression on my manager, and she gave me the opportunity to transition into a new role. In December of 2019, I got my Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) license and became an Account Manager in Personal Insurance.

I love working as an Account Manager and securing competitive prices for my clients; they appreciate the work I do for them. I’ve become more efficient at my job since starting, but I also recognize the areas I can continue to improve in, and I find that very motivating. One of the things I find most exciting about my job is that I don’t have to remain stagnant. I can continue to learn and evolve, and I can also get additional licensing.

What challenges have you experienced?

Cowan is a large company, and I work with a reasonably big team. When I first started at Cowan, I pressured myself to make a good impression on everyone to show them I’m a dependable team player. That was my challenge initially, but I now feel like I have proven myself to my team.

What do you enjoy most about working for Cowan?

I enjoy working with my team members, colleagues, and managers. They are all happy with the work I do, and I feel valued. Cowan has a team-focused work environment rather than a competitive one, and we all help each other as needed. Everyone is supportive and accessible, which makes Cowan different from working for other companies. I have always felt comfortable reaching out to my managers and colleagues for assistance.

Cowan also provides job security, flexibility, and good benefits. These things are important to me with a family to support, and they inspired my wife to apply for a job at Cowan too. She currently works at the company as a Claims Analyst.

How do you keep up with the changes at Cowan and in the insurance industry?

To maintain my licenses and professional designations as an Account Manager, I must receive continuing education credits every year. The current requirement is 60 credits per year, with each credit representing one hour of training. This additional education keeps me informed about significant industry developments and trends. This ongoing commitment to continuous learning ensures we are up to date to serve our clients best.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Cowan promotes lifelong learning and provides us with opportunities to advance if we wish. I like that we can receive more education, certifications, and licensing.

The insurance industry is huge! Right now, I sell insurance, but I am also interested in moving into underwriting at some point in my career. Currently, I’m working toward getting licensed in Quebec and plan to be licensed in other provinces eventually, but it’s important to remember that more licenses also require further training. I like to take advantage of the opportunities provided at Cowan, and I am excited about what the future holds.