Safe Travels

It's that time of year. The holidays are behind us, but we still have a few long months of short days, snow-filled shovels, and cold boots.  

It’s not hard to understand why so many people start daydreaming about warmer weather and relaxing on the beach. But with escalating health care costs and new vaccine preventable illnesses, there is so much more to planning a vacation than just booking a flight.

Couple walking, holding hands and smiling at one another on vacation

Here are some useful resources that can help you and your employees prepare for a safe and healthy winter getaway:
  1. Public Health Agency of Canada identifies the recommended vaccines based on travel destination.  The website advises consulting a health care provider, or visiting a travel health clinic, preferably six weeks before travelling.

    Public Health Agency of Canada 
  2. Over packing, under preparing, and general airport chaos can add unnecessary stress and set a much needed holiday off on the wrong foot.  Sign up on the US CDC government website and get flight status updates, reminders to check about peak travel hours, and parking details right to your cell phone.  There are also some great tips on what to pack in your travel health kit.

    US CDC
  3. Have you considered any possible travel coverage gaps? What if an employee’s eldest child is joining the family vacation— if the child is 23 and taking a year off school, they’re no longer eligible under the group plan? Or how about when an employee is still in the benefits waiting period and not yet eligible for coverage under a group plan? These situations are fairly common, and luckily there are some great options for additional coverage to bridge those gaps. Learn more about options on The Williamson Group’s website.

    The Williamson Group, a Cowan company

With a little bit of advance preparation, everyone can enjoy a well-earned vacation and leave the snow shovels at home.