Manufacturing and Distribution is thriving in Canada

Despite economic trials and tribulations over the past few decades, Canadian manufacturers are taking a focused approach to growth – and thriving because of it.

How are we weathering these trying times?  By providing solutions that meet the needs of the market by making continuous process improvements, refining product design and building excellent relationships with clients and suppliers.

McCordick Glove and Safety, a Cambridge manufacturer of safety equipment credits its long-term success to a focused product line, taking care of its people and building a high-quality affordable brand that has ultimately become the backbone of its business.  From a modest 2,500 square-foot facility on Franklin Boulevard in Cambridge to multiple locations across the country and a standing inventory of $18 million, this Canadian company knows how to thrive and survive in the most challenging economic downturns.

McCordick Glove and Safety exemplifies how the growth of Canadian companies is rooted in North America rather than attracting customers abroad.  Size doesn’t always necessarily matter. With the proper strategy in place, even small to mid-size businesses are succeeding against tough foreign competition.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.  Taking the safe approach to growth has carried McCordick Glove and Safety through numerous economic upheavals for more than three decades.  Embracing innovation and responding with continuous process improvements allows manufacturers to stay on top of their game, even in dire economic circumstances.

This family run business has shown us that safety – whether it be safety equipment or safe growth strategies – is an effective insurance policy and key ingredient to steady growth.

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David Black
Industry Leader, Vice-President, Manufacturing