8th CAP Member Survey – Culture of Savers, Rethinking retirement savings decisions

Learn about what your plan members may be thinking…

In November 2013 the 8th CAP Member Survey report, Culture of Savers – Rethinking retirement savings decisions, was released and we thought it would be a good opportunity to remind plan sponsors this report is available and would assist with plan development and future decisions on plan design; a good companion report to the 2013 CAP Benchmark Report.

The report examines…

  • “Saving Habits and Views – what’s preventing members from saving more in their CAPs?
  • Retirement Readiness – what can CAP sponsors and providers do to keep members on track to retire as planned?
  • Education and Support – are members actually using the information, tools and resources available to them?
  • Motivations and Actions – what motivates CAP members’ behaviour, and what might help them make better decisions?”