Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance protects against the direct financial loss resulting from the insolvency or non-payment from a customer/buyer for commercial trading terms up to 360 days.

Standard policies cover the following events:

  • Insolvency of a buyer;
  • Protracted default (the non-payment of an account after a specified period of time)

Policy structures can accommodate trade credit and political risks (as they pertain to trade transactions).

Trade credit insurance protects balance sheet assets by mitigating customer non-payment risk.  A company’s growth can be propelled when an insurer takes higher level of risk on your buyers than you might otherwise tolerate.  Used as a financial tool, a credit insurance policy may unlock additional financial flexibility on a bank line, and potentially support innovative working capital solutions.

Address your risk mitigation and financial engineering goals with a policy tailored to suit your needs.

Through our membership in the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA), Cowan Trade Credit partners within a global network to structure solutions for multinational companies. 

ICBA is the world’s largest team of independently-owned specialist trade credit insurance brokerages.