Professional Liability (E&O)

Many organizations assume that property and general liability insurance is sufficient to protect their business. However, there are a growing number of companies providing specialized services, such as consulting and professional advice, that can lead to additional risks which are not addressed by standard coverages.

Your business could be held responsible if a customer claims that errors or omissions in your product or service resulted in financial loss for them.

Because our current environment demands higher standards than ever before, it's critical to have protection in place, and professional liability (errors and omissions) insurance has become essential for most businesses.

At Cowan Insurance Group we have a team of knowledgeable professionals who will assess your needs and design a customized insurance solution that meets your unique requirements. We can assist you by:

  • Meeting with you to assess your risks
  • Advising on strategies to mitigate risk and ensure you are protected
  • Tailoring a customized risk management and insurance solution

Every organization has different needs. We offer professional advice to help you determine what the best protection is for you.