Cowan Insurance Group's technology team understands that the technology landscape is constantly evolving and with change comes potential risk. We know that one size doesn't fit all, and you need a solution as unique as you are.

We work with you to provide an in-depth analysis of your risks and offer unique, tailored solutions that protect you against:

  • Threats to your  technology infrastructure and architecture
  • Damages to property and business equipment
  • Supply chain and distribution risk gaps
  • Errors or omissions in your product or service that could result in financial loss to customers
  • Lawsuits that name your directors and officers

We also recommend strategies that can assist you in raising capital to further develop your growing enterprise.

Every technology company comes with their own set of issues and risk tolerance profile. Our focus on thought leadership, depth of industry knowledge in the tech sector, and experience allows us to offer the best insurance coverage to protect our clients in the event of a loss.