StorageShield™ for Individuals

If you use a self-storage facility you might be surprised to learn that your personal property is not insured by the facility for loss or damage. While a storage facility may take steps to minimize risks, such as installing a fire prevention system, you still need to insure your property against loss or damage.

Cowan Insurance Group has been providing protection against risk for self-storage clients across Canada for over 30 years. Our StorageShield™ customer storage insurance program is:

  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Low cost

Most importantly, our plan protects your belongings for as long as you use your storage unit.

At Cowan, we have you covered with an innovative insurance solution that protects what’s important to you.

Disclaimer: At this time coverage is only available when offered through a facility insured by Cowan. Speak to the facility representative to determine if they participate in our program.

Reason: we regularly receive calls from people looking for coverage only to find out we don’t insure the facility and we have to tell them we cannot assist. We are working on options but those are a long way out 6m-1yr estimate.