Eligibility Requirements for StorageShield™ Clients in B.C.

The coverage offered through the StorageShield™ online quoting system is currently only available to individuals using a self storage facility in B.C.

Insurance coverage is available for personal property while in storage at an approved self storage facility in B.C. up to a maximum limit of $100,000. You have several options with respect to the limit of insurance and the term of coverage required.

Your custom solution will also provide discounts for higher limits of insurance and a longer term of coverage, making it easier to ensure you have the right limit and coverage should a claim occur.

The available policy wording provides complete details of limitations, exclusions and conditions of the insurance coverage provided.

*Please note: Business property (defined as goods held for sale; business use tools and equipment; business documents and records) and motorized vehicles are not eligible for this type of self storage insurance.