StorageShield™ for Individuals in BC

If you use a self-storage facility you might be surprised to learn that your personal property is not insured by the facility for loss or damage. While a storage facility may take steps to minimize risks, such as installing a fire prevention system, you still need to insure your property against loss or damage.

Cowan Insurance Brokers has been providing protection against risk for self-storage clients across Canada for over 30 years. Our StorageShield™ customer storage insurance program is easy, convenient, and low cost.

Individuals using a self-storage facility in British Columbia now have access to our StorageShield™ online quote. In just 5 easy steps, you can get a quote, purchase coverage, pay your premium, and print and email your policy. Simply

  • Select the name of the self-storage facility
  • Enter your storage Unit ID
  • Select the type of insurance you want

At Cowan, we have you covered with an innovative insurance solution that protects what’s important to you.

*Please note:  

  • Business property (defined as goods held for sale; business use tools and equipment; business documents and records) and motorized vehicles are not eligible for this type of self-storage insurance.