COVID-19 has affected all Canadian companies as they modify the way they do business in response to the pandemic. Employers continue to adapt and plan for the future as provinces across the country implement a phased re-opening of the economy. As your trusted insurance partner, we are committed to helping you navigate this new phase.

With a portion of the workforce still operating remotely, and those who were laid off beginning to return to work, new concerns are emerging for both employees and employers alike. Some employees may be hesitant to return due to health and safety concerns, and businesses will need to be proactive in their implementation of safety measures and ready to manage accommodation requests and work refusals.

The pandemic has also put a spotlight on mental health. Uncertainty, tight restrictions, job loss, longer hours for front line workers, isolation, and loss of freedom has resulted in increased stress, anxiety, fear, and financial debt for Canadians. Experts predict that there may be an ‘echo pandemic’ of mental illness, which means your employees may require additional support.

It can be challenging to know how to navigate through the current ever-changing environment.

Recently, Cowan partnered with law firm Miller Thomson, for another exclusive webinar designed to support clients at this crucial stage with tips on developing plans and strategies for the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Experts from Cowan and Miller Thomson discussed issues which are vital in a post-pandemic workplace, including practical approaches for:

  • Addressing occupational health and safety concerns
  • Returning employee accommodation requirements
  • Work refusals and how to handle them
  • Ontario’s transition from layoff to the Infectious Disease Leave
  • Adapting employee management practices and policies
  • Workforce reduction and termination guidance
  • Assessment of COVID-19 anxiety disability claims
  • How businesses can support employees struggling with mental health issues

To view the webinar, download copies of the presentations, or to contact us for more information, visit:

COVID 19: Return to Work, Effective Workplace Strategies