Ann Treusch, Commercial Account Executive, always carries a safety hat, vest, and boots in her trunk. Specializing in construction, warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing, Ann is ready to grab her safety gear and stop at her clients’ sites on the fly.

As a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Ann has established exceptional credibility and trust with her clients by providing expert knowledge, comprehensive counsel, and extraordinary client care.

From Claims to Commercial Insurance

In the 70s, Ann started her insurance career in Claims at a time when women were discouraged from being adjusters. Wanting to service clients directly, Ann joined a brokerage as a Personal Insurance Broker. To enhance her skills, she studied diligently to obtain her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB) designations.

Several years later, Ann moved to Commercial Insurance and led a team of Commercial Insurance Brokers for over a decade. As the Commercial Marketing Manager, Ann absorbed every detail she could learn about placing complex commercial risks. In 1994, Ann transitioned to her current role, growing her expertise in the construction industry.

Building a niche clientele, one at a time

In the pre-Google era, there weren’t many textbooks on machinery. So, Ann spent a lot of time on construction sites to learn about her clients’ businesses. She also hosted Construction Insurance seminars at many industry events, where attendees drilled Ann with tough technical questions to “test” her knowledge.

Well prepared, Ann passed the tests with flying colours, gaining respect and trust from those who initially raised their eyebrows. Gradually, her phone started to ring, with client referrals coming in one after another. Building on the momentum, Ann kept expanding to more extensive operations, such as manufacturing plants and heavy civil construction.

Go where clients need her most

Taking a holistic approach, Ann protects her clients with more than insurance. From reviewing clients’ third-party contracts and analyzing their business venture risks to advocating for them, Ann serves as a strategic business counsel and partner to her clients.

Each business is unique, and there are no cookie-cutter solutions. It’s invigorating to learn something new every day, and I am beyond honoured to be part of my clients’ success. – Ann Treusch

Starting a new journey

After three significant career changes, ten years of teaching various courses at the Insurance Institute and four decades of incredible accomplishments, Ann Treusch will retire this summer. “I look forward to gardening and golfing, but I know I will miss my work family greatly,” Ann concludes.

On behalf of our clients and colleagues, we thank Ann for 42 years of dedication at Cowan and for setting a remarkable example of staying curious and never stopping to learn. We wish Ann all the best on her exciting adventures ahead!